Excellence Programme (MSc/Non-EEA)

The Excellence Programme is initiated by Wageningen University & Research to attract excellent students for a master’s programme, and who might have the potential to do a PhD after MSc graduation. In Wageningen or elsewhere.

You can only take part in the Excellence Programme on invitation. See below for the procedure and time schedule. During the selection process, the candidates will be requested to fill in a web form, to do an additional assignment, and might have a skype interview.

The different elements of a scholarship in the Excellence Programme scholarship are:

  • A tuition fee waiver for the duration of the programme (24 months).
  • A budget for one seminar in Europe (travel, stay, registration fee).
  • A budget for participation in the 'reach your full potential programme'.

Target group Excellence Programme:

  1. You come from a country outside the European Economic Area (and Switzerland).
  2. You have an unconditional admission to one of the MSc programmes of Wageningen University.
  3. You have a reference letter from a professor, preferably of a high ranked institute.
  4. You have a high GPA.
  5. You can demonstrate to comply with the standard of excellence envisaged by the programme.

Please check this website regularly to see if there are updates about the Excellence Programme.

How to apply?

Application procedure September 2020

Step 1: Admission

Apply for admission to a master's programme at Wageningen University starting in September 2020. Make sure you apply before 1 March 2020 to allow us to evaluate your application and send you the result letter in time. All information about how to apply can be found on the website.

Step 2: Invitation to apply

Wageningen University will pre-select students who are admitted to an MSc programme starting in September 2020 and belong to the Excellence Programme target group and invite them by email to apply for an Excellence Scholarship.

You can only apply for this scholarship if you have been invited to do so. Invitations will be sent on April 20, 2020. Please do not contact us regarding this, if you have not received an invitation you are not selected for the Excellence Programme.  

Updates and change of dates of the Excellence programme, if any, will be published under Step 5.

Step 3: Application

After you have received an invitation to apply, you will be informed in detail about the rest of the procedure. The procedure will contain an additional assignment and a (skype) interview. If you do not want to apply, you will be requested to inform us as soon as possible, at least within one week after the invitation has been sent, which will allow us to contact other students.

Step 4: Result

By the end of May 2020, we hope to close the selection procedure and inform all the participants about the result. This can be:

  • Positive and admitted to the Excellence Programme;
  • Positive, but put on a waiting list;
  • Negative.

Step 5: Updates/changes

Updates about progress and changes will be published here.