Studentenpanel WUR

Student panel

Wageningen University & Research would like to hear your opinion on all matters regarding studying at WUR. What do you think should be improved or changed? And why do you think so? Join the international student panel and share your thoughts!

What is the student panel?

WUR finds it important to regularly ask for feedback from students. We aim to match our education programmes to the needs of our students. In the student panel sessions, you can discuss any kind of topic you feel needs to be mentioned. Next, we take the group's input to the right place in the organisation, making sure to implement your feedback as much as possible. On the other hand, WUR can ask panel members to think about upcoming plans and projects that concern student affairs. Some examples that were discussed in panel meetings are:

  • The Bring Your Own Device project;
  • The number of spots for parking bikes;
  • The number of seats/workplaces;
  • Waste sorting & processing on campus.

How does it work?

  • 7 on-campus sessions per year;
  • Lunch, dinner or afternoon drinks & bites are arranged;
  • Informal setting;
  • When attended 6 times, you receive a WUR sweater.

Who can apply?

Every WUR student may join the student panel. Whether you study a Master's or a Bachelor's programme, are from the Netherlands or from abroad, you are welcome to join!

Yes, I would like to join the student panel