Brightspace your learning environment @ WUR

All courses are available in Brightspace from period 1 2020. Old courses will remain available in Blackboard until December 31, 2021.

Brightspace is the learning environment in which you will find all the information for your studies. It is suitable for laptop, desktop, mobile and tablet. Brightspace is practical, easy to use and adaptable to personal wishes.

Frequently asked questions


This is where you can find the frequently asked questions on Brightspace. If you cannot find your question here or if you need support, please consult the Brightspace Help for Students via the Help option in Brightspace or send an e-mail to the Brightspace Helpdesk. You can also call the Brightspace Helpdesk (+31 317 486222).

How do I know whether to access my course via Brightspace or Blackboard?

If you select the course in question via MyPortal, you will be directed to the correct learning environment via the link automatically. When you hover the cursor over the course, a link will appear which will launch either Brightspace or Blackboard.

Will Brightspace work on every browser?

Not all browsers are (fully) supported. You can find an overview of the supported browsers here.

Is there also a Dutch version of Brightspace available?

At Wageningen University & Research we use the English version of Brightspace. You can change the language to Dutch but that will only affect the Brightspace menu text and not the course information. Moreover, the user guides and instructions are only available in English.

Are there any user guides for Brightspace?

You can find the user guides for Brightspace via the Brightspace Help for Students from within the Brightspace Help option.

What is the policy regarding grades in Brightspace?

It is allowed to upload grades or partial grades to Brightspace, but the only formal source for final grades is the Student Information System.

What is the Pulse app?

The supplier of Brightspace has also made an app available to Brightspace users. The app is called ‘Pulse’ and can be downloaded from ‘Google play’ or the ‘App store’. The Pulse app can be downloaded for free and is available for use, but is not (yet) fully supported by WUR. We have not found any flaws as of yet, but we have not been able to do any thorough testing either. Brightspace is ‘responsive’ and can also be accessed via a browser on a mobile device.

How does WUR handle the processing of personal data within Brightspace?

Brightspace technically meets the standards and criteria drawn up by WUR in the field of security. You can read here how WUR handles the processing of personal data within Brightspace.