Ownership of WUR research data

Wageningen University & Research has a policy on ownership of research data. In this policy WUR has access to and control over research data created by its employees, and (when needed and possible) other persons involved in WUR research such as PhD candidates, students, and visiting staff members.

Data Ownership @ WUR

Legal data ownership is a complicated issue. For the different legal concepts like copyright and database rights, we refer to the section “Who owns the research data that I create” on the WUR Copyright Information Point page.

  • WUR is the owner of the research data and entitled to databases created by any WUR staff member within the scope of their employment. This means that WUR researchers are not the owner nor right holders of the data or database.  

  • WUR ownership should be discussed in the case the funder of the project (either public or commercial) imposes ownership conditions. Preferably this discussion takes place before the project starts. E.g. partner funding can condition that the data will become under (shared) ownership of the partners. In this case a Data Sharing agreement (DSA) should be agreed upon before starting the project.

What to do when a researcher leaves WUR

  • Data should remain under guardianship of the WUR (Research group; Data Steward; Data Librarian)

  • As an acknowledgement of the scientific effort the creator of the data is granted access to the data, provided that the data is properly archived and licensed in a recommended data archive. All un-archived data will remain on WUR servers and will not be available for the leaving researcher.