CineScience movie talks

WUR considers its connection with the city of Wageningen and its residents extremely important and is eager to show how everyone deals with the themes being researched and developed in Wageningen during everyday lives. Besides, CineScience movie talks are a unique opportunity for scientists and society to discuss topics that matter.

In collaboration with the Heerenstraat Theatre in Wageningen, we host the CineScience movie talks. Every month, scientists exchange the academic arena for the cinema with screenings of films and documentaries that they have personally selected. The researchers clearly highlight the scientific content as well as their passion for the topic in a way that is accessible for those who are not scientists.

The Heerenstraat theater has taken the appropriate measures for a safe and responsible visit. You can read more about the corona measures on the Heerenstraat theater website (in Dutch).

CineScience Programme 2020-2021

Programme 2019-2020

The following movies were screened in 2019-2020:

  • Goodfellas (Louise O. Fresco)
  • Soylent Green (Evelien de Olde)
  • Midnight in Paris (Marian Stuiver)
  • Genesis 2.0 (John van der Oost, Niek Savelkoul)
  • Onder de Oppervlakte (Martijn van Staveren)

Programme 2018-2019

The following movies were screened in 2018-2019:

  • Chungking Express (Louise O. Fresco)
  • Bejing Taxi (Arthur Mol)
  • AlphaGo (Dick de Ridder & Willem Jan Knibbe)
  • Antz (Marcel Dicke)
  • Sour Grapes (Saskia van Ruth)
  • Fitzcarraldo (Frits Mohren)
  • Chasing Coral (Ronald Osinga)
  • Microcosmos (Gerlinde de Deyn)
  • Sacro GRA (Maria Koelen)