Education Experience session

Education Experience

Wageningen University & Research wants to improve the information and services for and the communication with students and teachers. Education Experience tries to centralize 'our customer', the students, teachers alumni and staff, by listening to their needs. The input will be analysed and the outcomes of this will be an advice for the university on how to improve the education as a whole.

Due to the Covid-19 virus our Education Experience sessions will be held online. You can sign up by clicking on the orange button below.

The Education Experience team, part of the department Education & Student Affairs, maps the wishes and needs of students and teachers. To do that we make use of various methods:

During the sessions students and employees will map a specific journey with use of a persona. These persona all represent a part of our target group. From the perspective and needs of each persona a journey will be developed.

We are currently working on the following topics:

Enrolling & Settling at WUR (non-EU-students)

Are you a Non-European student at WUR and you started your study programme in September 2020 or February 2021? We would like your input on the enrolment process and settling at WUR. We would like to know how you experienced enrolling at WUR, gaining admission, gaining your Entry Visa and Residence Permit, arriving in the Netherlands and settling in Wageningen. Due to Covid-19 you might had to self-quarantine and got assigned a buddy to help you settle. We would like to know how you experienced this process and what your needs were in order to improve the process for new students.

Feeling part of WUR

As a student at WUR, you are part of the WUR community. A community has all sorts of functions: on a personal level, e.g. a sense of belonging, contribution to wellbeing; and professionally: e.g. building a network, staying up-to-date and bringing together different perspectives. To what extent do you feel connected and included in the WUR community? What expectations do you have and which aspects are important? WUR as an organisation also has a role and interest to create a well-functioning and inclusive community. What can we do together to accomplish this? These are the sort of questions we will try to tackle during this session, by means of an ‘awareness mapping’ exercise in duo’s.