Education Experience session

Education Experience

Wageningen University & Research wants to improve the information and services for and the communication with students and teachers. Education Experience tries to centralize 'our customer', the students, teachers alumni and staff, by listening to their needs. The input will be analysed and the outcomes of this will be an advice for the university on how to improve the education as a whole.

Due to the Covid-19 virus our Education Experience sessions will be held online. You can sign up by clicking on the orange button below.

The Education Experience team, part of the department Education & Student Affairs, maps the wishes and needs of students and teachers. To do that we make use of various methods:

During the sessions students and employees will map a specific journey with use of a persona. These persona all represent a part of our target group. From the perspective and needs of each persona a journey will be developed.

We are currently working on the following topics:

In the form of sessions for which you can subscribe:

Information needs of first years' students (students)

When you are in a first year of your BSc or MSc studies at WUR there are a lot of things new to you. The university would like to know what information you need and when you need it regarding amongst others: general information, enrolment, systems and study specific information. Since a new portal is implemented in 2021, we would like to make sure the information you need is available for you at the right moment. Therefore, we would like to invite first and second year students of a BSc or a MSc to our student journey sessions.

Accountability in Student Wellbeing (students)

As a student, you are responsible for your own study success and general wellbeing. The university is there to support you when needed. How do you view your own responsibility? What actions do you take and who do you involve when dealing with issues affecting study success? What hurdles do you experience in taking responsibility? When is it out of your hands and what do you expect of WUR (staff)? These are the main questions we are aiming to answer by mapping this student journey.

Teaching a course 2.0 (Teachers)

Besides doing research, a lot of teachers are also teaching courses at the university. What problems do teachers encounter while givingand preparing for a course? How can these be solved and subsequently be optimized? In this second edition of the teaching a course, teachers will work out solutions to, among others, the previously mentioned questions via the Make your Mark method. In this way, several solutions from the teachers' perspective will be generated to solve the main issues while preparing & teaching a course. Results will indicate what the main bottlenecks are and what recommendations are suitable to combat these.

Choosing a course at Utrecht University and/or Technical University Eindhoven (students)

WUR has an alliance with UU and TU/e in which they would like to simplify the process of following a course at each other’s universities. We would like to know what courses or themes you would be interested in. Thereby we would like to know what would encourage you to study at one of those universities and what aspects would keep you from doing that. All students are welcome to join this session, even though you may not have thought about following courses at another Dutch university.

In the form of data analyses and sharing results:

In the past year and months we finished the results concerning the subjects listed below. Curious about the results? Check them here, click on the button below or subscribe to our newsletter (on the right side of this page)!

Topics of previously held sessions

For students

  • Follow a course
  • Compose a study programme
  • Writing your thesis
  • Doing your internship
  • Macbook use at WUR
  • Bring your own device (BYOD)
  • Student Portal (the new MyPortal)
  • Receiving help when facing problems
  • Social life: Campus activity
  • Social life: A day at WUR campus
  • Online library
  • New student information systems (SSC online)
  • Brightspace
  • Training & Workshops (Virtual Training Centre)
  • Searching & Finding a job (for different study programmes)
  • Going Abroad
  • Printing, Scanning & Copying
  • Study advice
  • Weblectures
  • Student housing
  • Privacy & security
  • Online examination
  • Follow a course online
  • Student Challenges
  • Knowledge clips
  • Blended & Hybrid education

For teachers

  • Brightspace
  • Teaching a course
  • Sharing & Reusing
  • Study advice (study advisors)
  • Knowledge clips

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