Student Experience for students & alumni

Are you a student or alumnus who likes to share his/her opinion about the information and communication channels of WUR and do you like to contribute to improve WUR? You only need to share your own experiences so we can use that to improve the channels for future students.

Are you a BSc, MSc, pre-MSc or exchange student or alumnus then you can participate in the sessions. Via the form below you can indicate in which sessions you would like to participate. It is also possible to join multiple sessions, if you join six sessions you will receive a WURsweater for free. Join two sessions in 2020 and receive a Student Experience mug. Do not forget to sign up for our newsletter (right side of the page) as well to receive among others the outcomes of the session(s) you have joined.


The sessions take place online due to the Covid-19 virus. When you subscribe for a session you will recieve the link to the session when this is ready. A session will take about two hours, where participants work together in small groups to express their needs, experience and discuss possible solutions. Together, we can improve WUR!

    The Education Experience Team hopes you will participate in one or more of the online sessions below!

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