Education Experience Team

The Education Experience team consists out of 6 members and additionally has a promotion team. Currently, the project leader is not known yet. Nienke Raeven & Luuk Bolscher are the analysts and Nadieh Tubben is the organiser & in charge of the communication. Devie van Beek & Lenja Stok are the student assistents that support the previously mentioned employees in their tasks.

Education Experience team.png

f.l.t.r. Education Experience projectleader (not known yet), Nienke Raeven, Nadieh Tubben, Luuk Bolscher, Devie van Beek, Lenja Stok.

Project leader of Education Experience

As the project manager of the Education Experience team, it is the job to come up with a strategy for mapping the experiences and include the voice of our students, teachers and employees within the processes and systems of the University. It drives the project leader to improve the information for, communication with and services for students, teachers and employees. It also gives you energy to help the organization change towards another point of view on different educational aspects. To close off, the project leaders also coaches the rest of the Education Experience team to improve their products and services.

Nienke Raeven

It is my job to analyse all information gathered during the group sessions and identify the pain points and opportunities for improvement. Subsequently, I visualise the findings to provide actionable insight for change. I am interested in people and like to understand and help reshape patterns, so circumstances for people improve. This is what drives me. The creative aspect of the student journeys makes it a lot of fun!

Nadieh Tubben

My name is Nadieh Tubben and I am responsible for the recruitment of teachers and students within the Education Experience Team. Together with the promoteam we will try to inform as many people as possible about the importance of Edcuation Experience. I really like the fact that the wishes and needs of students and teachers is centralised within the different projects of WUR.

Luuk Bolscher

My name is Luuk and I’m one of the Analysts within the team. My main job is to analyze the information we gather in the different group sessions and present it in an attractive, visual way. We use these reports to present our findings to different stakeholders within WUR, so that the valuable insights students, teachers and employees provide us with can actually be incorporated into different services, (IT-)systems and other aspects of our university. I’m an analytically driven person and find most of my joy in puzzling with our data and creatively presenting the outcomes.

Devie van Beek

My name is Devie van Beek and I work as a student assistant within the Education Experience team. On one hand, my task within the team is to support the organising activities around the Education Experience sessions, which will be organised for students, alumni, teachers and other staff of the WUR. On the other hand, it is my job to support the activities of formatting the data which can be used for analytics. Both parts of the jobs show how nice it is to be involved with improving the education and how your opinion is shared among other students. It gives me enery to work with enthusiastic people, gather ideas and work at WUR as it is an organisation where education is formed by and for students.

Lenja Stok

My name is Lenja Stok and I am a Student Assistant within the Education Experience Team. It is my job to support the promotion team, who actively recruit students for upcoming sessions. Besides, I help to prepare new sessions, digitize data for further analysis and inform students, teachers and alumni about our sessions. Working in this enthusiastic team gives me a lot of energy as our sessions have a concrete impact on the improvement of the university. In addition, I am challenged to think out of the box, which motivates me. It is my main goal to eventually make other students just as excited about our sessions!


There is an Education Experience promoteam to inform students about the upcoming sessions. The promoteam consists of: Aisha Hassan; Paul Mol; Ilse Reus & Monica van Leeuwen.