Analysis and advice

Analysis and advice on food safety

Wageningen Food Safety Research analyses food safety for governments and companies. We also carry out official inspections for governments. We are ready to be deployed on a 24/7 basis in the event of food safety and environmental incidents.

Wageningen Food Safety Research has an extensive set of analysis methods at its disposal. We measure:

Please consult our handout for a complete overview of our methods.

Food safety advice

Wageningen Food Safety Research has an important role in advising the national government as well as international government bodies in the area of feed and food safety.

Our consultancy role consists of:

  • helping to determine standards and guidelines for the authorisation of new agricultural additives and foodstuffs
  • new risk factors
  • evaluating possible risks posed by genetically modified organisms (GMOs)
  • providing advice on food safety in the food chain
  • providing advice and recommendations, whether requested or not, during food safety incidents and crises
  • participation in national and international committees on the standardisation and introduction of new analytical methods
  • contributing to the development of policy guidelines in the area of food quality
  • participating in international committees, for example within the framework of the EU, the EFSA, Codex Alimentarius and the World Health Organisation
  • evaluating files: providing evaluations and recommendations in response to requests, e.g. for the authorisation of GMOs and cattle feed additives. In such cases, attention particular attention is given to the health risks posed by these substances.