Analysis techniques on food safety

High-quality research requires advanced hardware. Wageningen Food Safety Research employs a wide range of first-rate facilities.


Mass spectrometry is popular method of analysis. Learn more about the equipment Wageningen Food Safety Research uses.

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Micro array

Micro array technology can be used to measure gene expression levels of thousands of genes simultaneously. This method is applied in nutrigenomics en toxicogenomics.

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Near Infrared Spectrometry can be used to quickly measure nutrient levels in foodstuffs.

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Wageningen Food Safety Research uses Nuclear Magnetic Resonance to trace products which have been found 'in the field'. 

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Histology can be used to distinguish vegetable tissue from animal tissue. It can also reveal disease patterns and oestrogen use in calves.

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Knowledge systems

Researchers posses a lot of useful knowledge. This knowledge is made available for wider use through knowledge systems.

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