Method development

Developing new analytical methods is an important task for Wageningen Food Safety Research. New methods allow us to trace more substances and provide us with the means to monitor compliance with new legislation. It is also necessary to quickly develop measurement techniques if a new and potentially hazardous substance appears in the food chain.

The development of methods at Wageningen Food Safety Research includes the following:

  • Methods for quickly detecting the presence of undesirable substances in large numbers of samples (screening methods)
  • Methods for chemically profiling samples;
  • Bioassays for identifying substances based on their effect;
  • Methods for detecting/confirming extremely low concentrations of hazardous substances in foodstuffs and feeds;
  • Methods for detecting and confirming specific proteins, such as undesirable additives and allergens as well as specific DNA sequences, such as those present in GMOs (genetically modified organisms), and for confirming the specific animal (species) origin of animal meal;
  • Methods to determine authenticity and nutrients
  • New technologies such as:
    • metabolomics
    • genomics;
    • informatics/bioinformatics;

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