Quality Agreements 2019-2024: More budget for education

Quality Agreements 2019-2024: More budget for education

Do you want to know how we will spend the Quality Funding to enhance the quality of our education? And how we will invest in small-scale education and guidance for students? Find the answers in the Quality Agreements 2019-2024, the result of an interactive process of working groups and consultations with both students and staff.

The strength of the Quality Agreements lies not only in further increasing the quality of our education and personal development opportunities for students, but also in supporting students to follow their own learning path and preparing themselves for their future career.
Prof. dr. Arthur Mol, Rector Magnificus

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What are the Quality Agreements?

With the introduction of the Dutch student loan system in 2015, the government saved a lot of its budget. However, this was bound to certain conditions set by national student organisations, universities (of applied sciences) and the government:

  1. The saved funds must be invested in the quality of Dutch higher education;
  2. All universities receive extra funding to invest in six themes;
  3. Students and staff of the institution must be strongly involved in the development of the plans and must approve of the final plans.

All universities had to make plans on how to spend their funds. These plans were referred to as the ‘Quality Agreements’. Wageningen University will receive around 37 million euros in extra funding for the period spanning 2019 to 2024. In 2019 and 2020, Wageningen University will also invest some additional money. Within Wageningen University it was decided to invest the majority of the funds in:

  • Small-scale education
  • More and better study guidance
  • Education differentiation
  • Professionalisation of teaching staff
  • Adequate facilities