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Printing and copying

There are copiers in front of the entrance of Forum Library and on all floors in Forum Library and in Leeuwenborch Library as well.

MultiFunctional Printers

As a WUR student, you can print, copy and scan using the MultiFunctional Printers (MFPs) in the WUR buildings.

When you send a document to a WUR printer, it can be printed on any MFP in the area. All your print commands will be displayed when you hold your WURcard to the MFP’s card reader. They can be printed all at once or in parts.

Printing from WUR PCs

WUR printers have already been installed on all WUR PCs. Under Start > Devices and printers, you can find which printers are active on your PC. The WUR printer is preset as the default printer.

Printing from other devices

You can use the service PrintMyDoc to print documents from all mobile devices (tablets and smartphones). This is also easily done with Linux or Apple. By creating an account with, you can print using an MFP from any device that has access to the Internet. Please note: use the WUR e-mail address for this, but NEVER use your WUR password.

Sending a print command can be done by uploading your document or sending an e-mail. You can find more information about how this works on the WUR website.

Can I also print in colour?

Yes, that is possible. However, some MFPs are "hard" set to black & white, which makes colour printing impossible. A colour print command will be printed in black & white on these machines. The manuals (posters) near the printers indicate whether it is a black & white or colour printer. Colour scanning is possible on all machines.

The eWallet payment system

The eWallet is a virtual wallet on your WURcard, that you need in order to pay for printing. To use the eWallet you need to top up the credit on your WURcard. You can do so by using the MyInepro app (available in all app stores) from Inepro or via