Living Lab - Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering

In the Living Lab students of the master’s Metropolitan Analysis, Design and Engineering work on real-life cases within the city of Amsterdam.

What is the Living Lab?

Living Labs are a good way to test, create and develop metropolitan solutions with impact. It makes a connection between fundamental research and the step to a society-wide implementation. In the Living Lab students work together with partners from the city and AMS Institute’s network on solutions for a wide range of urban challenges.

This way of working gives the students Living Lab experience in a real-life setting. They get challenged with everyday urban problems and learn to work in multidisciplinary teams with students from a different academic and international background.

These students are true entrepreneurs. Kicking off the MADE master's as the first cohort of students, as well as the way they worked on their living lab assignments to create innovative solutions for the real-life challenges of the city of Amsterdam.
Kenneth Heijns, Managing Director MSc MADE

Yearly exhibition 2020

Every year MSc MADE students present their work in an exhibition. This project is part of their graduation year. They collaborate with private or public partners in the Amsterdam metropolitan region or work on a more individual entrepreneurial project.

This year the official website of the Living Labs 2020 launched. In only a few weeks, MSc MADE students have demonstrated their agility by transforming their initial ideas for an exhibition at NEMO De Studio into a digital version of their Living Lab results. The website showcases the Living Lab teams and their co-creative innovative approaches.


Yearly exhibition 2019

In 2019 MADE students had their first Living Lab exhibition. During this exhibition, the students revealed their urban solutions and prototypes they worked on. They showed that they are true entrepreneurs and learn how to present projects to an audience. Curious what students realised during the last Living Lab?

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Projects by students

DGTL - Illuminating NDSM

The NDSM-Werf is known as a dark area with many broken streetlights. After research and interviews, the students decided to develop an innovative and functional plan for the street lighting at the former shipyard.

The two multifunctional spots are movable objects which create atmospheric lighting during the DGTL festival, but also create a better lighted area. This way it also contributes to the safety of the wharf.

More about the project

WASCOM: urban waste to urban material

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Unfortunately, it is still very common in the Netherlands to digest or incinerate waste streams. For example, waste streams from wastewater treatment plants. This is why the students developed a product with an urban application from new material (WASCOM) developed out of wastewater flows from the city.

Their prototype was a flower planter. Watch the video to get an idea of the project.

More about the project