One Health: healthy animals and people

One Health: healthy animals and people

People and animals in the Netherlands live close together and their health is closely linked. Think of zoonoses; infectious diseases that are transmittable from animals to humans. A good understanding of these interactions is important to ensure the health of people around the world.

Interdisciplinary collaboration

Experts in the field of public health, animal health and food safety work together interdisciplinary within the One Health approach. The aim is to improve animal health, so that people and animals can live together without problems in an area.

Animal husbandry and health local residents

In a series of studies under the name Livestock and Health Local residents (VGO) we bundle expertise from different knowledge institutions. Among other things, it looks at which farm aspects from goat farming have an impact on the health of local residents.

Less medication for animals

At Wageningen Livestock Research we work on various aspects of One Health. An important principle is that healthy and robust animals will require fewer antibiotics and other medicines. The challenge is to balance all the different aspects within the One Health concept as well as possible.

For example, we assess the design of new housing systems on health aspects for humans, animals and the environment. We are investigating how animal welfare can be guaranteed in stables designed to limit the emission of ammonia, particulate matter and harmful endotoxins.

Use residual flows as animal feed

New developments in animal husbandry, such as the use of more residual flows from the perspective of sustainability and circularity, entail new One Health research questions. Our animal welfare and health department has all the expertise and the network to make important steps in this direction.

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