Improvement program Russia

Russian agro-holdings have developed and grown rapidly during the last decade. Big investments have been made in new technology, buildings, equipment, genetics and processing. The challenge now is to increase productivity by making optimal use of the new technology. This can be achieved by integrating knowledge and understanding of the technical, economic and management aspects of running a large agricultural enterprise.

Wageningen UR has developed a practical and effective productivity Improvement Program for Russian Agro-Holdings™.



  1. Joint program with the individual agro-holding
  2. Focus on local conditions
  3. Realistic expectations and targets
  4. Modular structure and step-by-step approach
  5. Concrete and measurable results
  6. Training on the job and education program


  1. Productivity scan of the agro-holding
  2. Overall improvement plan
  3. Tailored on-farm projects
  4. Training and education program


  1. Better grip on farm processes, knowing what is going on
  2. Operational excellence
  3. Improved economic profitability
  4. Training of employees of the agro-holding
  5. Success story for others to see