Starting up - Russia

Good preparation takes time, but yields better results in the long run. We start with an introduction to the productivity improvement program on the agro-holding how does it work, what needs to be done, who is involved and when can results be expected? Then teams are formed from the agro-holding and from Wageningen UR. These teams get to know each other, in Russia and in the Netherlands, and jointly establish the improvement program.


Productivity scan

A comprehensive analysis of the current situation on the agro-holding. Using a proven and successful method, the strengths and weaknesses in productivity are identified. Through  site visits and interview key employees managers and workers are actively involved. The analyzed data and the so-called Wageningen productivity diagram are presented in a short report, and discussed for feedback from managers and workers.

Improvement plan

From the report, the overall improvement plan is drawn, including:

  • Concrete problems and opportunities that require action
  • Knowledge gaps and training needs
  • Prioritization of required projects

The agro-holding then takes a formal decision on the overall improvement plan, including the time schedule.

Working out the projects

The specific projects that have been identified, will each be worked out, to include:

  • Detailed project plan for activities on the agro-holding, including time planning
  • Personnel involved, from the agro-holding and from Wageningen UR
  • Budget required
  • Expected results

Training needs

Improving productivity requires different kinds of training depending on the nature of the projects. Wageningen UR offers courses for on-farm training of workers. But also applied courses for middle management and strategy courses for top management. For each course a time planning and budget is worked out, and teaching materials are developed. The result is that the agro-holding will become more knowledgeable in theory and practice which has impact on the overall economic and technical results.