Knotsball is a hugely popular sport in Wageningen where two teams of 4 people compete. Both teams try to hit a rubber ball against the opponent's mat with a club (knots). The club is a stick with a 'head' of foam. The team has to be made up out of at least one woman and have at least 4 members. Matches are 30 minutes long and played on 1/3 of the Sports Hall. At the maximum, almost 60 teams compete in this competition! It is free to participate if you have sports rights, so why do you not give it a shot?

Register your teamcaptain for knotsball here to join the first round of TIC's of the new accademic year!

If you want to sign up individually so we can add you to a team later please register here.

Your own Knots? Do you want your own Knots? You can buy your own Knots at the Thymos office at the Bongerd for €8,50!

Knotsball Rules