Subsidy for SSA's

SWU Thymos sports associations can organize different events. For the organization committee (including National Student Championships) there is a manual, click here to view this manual. Below are the subsidies and sponsoropportunities for events explained.

Conditional subsidy (only for Dutch Student Championships)

For Dutch Student Championschips it is possible to receive a conditional subsidie of max. €170,-. The budget for the event has to be handed in at least three months in advance. This budget will be discussed during the meeting of the Daily Board of SWU Thymos and then will be reported whether the application is approved or disapproved. After approval, the money will be transferred to the organization. In case of a financial positive result, the profit will be devided amongst the subsidizing parties. This amount may not exceed the hight of the conditional subsidy. In case of a negative result, after deduction of the conditional subsidy of Studentensport Nederland, the loss is for SWU Thymos. However, if this loss is caused by negligence of the organization committe, they are responsible for the loss. If the budget for any reason is likely to be exceeded by 15%, the committee should contact SWU Thymos. (See Rules. Art. 5.3)

Guarantee subsidy (not for Dutch Student Championships)

Guarantee subsidy means that, in case of a financial loss during an event, SWU Thymos will pay the shortage. The Daily Board of SWU Thymos determines the maximum amount based on a directive of 5% of the total income of the event. There is always a maximum of €300,-.
One month before the event, application should be handed in with a clear budget with explanation. Based on the clearance of the event, the definite subsidy will be determined, with a maximum equal to the guarantee subsidy. (See Rules. Art. 5.2)

Sponsorbudget WUR (for events including Dutch Student Championships)

Through SWU Thymos it is possible to apply for Sponsorbudget WUR. The application has to be handed in at SWU Thymos who decides, in cooperation with Sportscentre the Bongerd, whether the subsidy is granted or not.
The goal of this sponsoring is to promote Wageningen University. The maximum hight of the sponsoring is €300,-. Applications have to be handed in within three months after the event has taken place. Wageningen University gives evey year a fixed budget, so first come, first served.

A sponsor application contains at least the following items:
1) a request for sponsoring (how much money for which event)
2) general information about the event our tournament
3) a clear budget with explanation
4) a clear overview of the possibilities for sponsoring of the WUR (how do you promote the WUR: advertisements on posters/flyers/websites/programbooklets, flags, banners, WUR-training suits; be creative!)
5) a clear overview of the event/tournament, target group, number of participants, etc.

After the event an evaluationreport has to be written and handed in at least three months after the event. In this report, the event has to be evaluated and the promotion of the WUR must be shown clearly (through photos, programbooklets, newspapers, etc.). If these requirements are met, the sponsorbudget will be payed.