Registering for courses & exams

Registration for courses before the course registration deadline is mandatory. Students should register themselves and failing to do so will result in not being admitted to the course.

After having received your username and password you should be able to register for your courses either through SSC online or My Portal. For more information about My Portal please click here. Successfully registering for a course also means that you have automatically registered for the exam.

It can occur that you are not able to register for your first course(s) if your Registration Form (for enrolment at the university) has not yet been processed. In that case you will not yet have received your username and password. If this applies to you, the instruction is to send the course coordinator(s) of your first course(s) an e-mail (before the registration deadline) mentioning that you are an exchange student and that you are unable to register through SSC online/My Portal. Add your full name, date of birth and selected course plus course code to your e-mail. Cc your exchange coordinator. In this way the professor is informed about your wish to join the course. You then need to give the course coordinator your student registration number as soon as possible so that he/she can officially register you for the course and the exam.

After being registered for a course you will get access to the digital learning environment of the course. It differs per course whether and to what extent the teaching staff uses either Blackboard or Brightspace. Make sure to check the Brightspace page of the courses you have registered for. You can access Brightspace through My Portal, under ‘my programme’ and the courses listed you should be able to find the correct button to click on when hovering over the courses with your mouse.

Please know that we do not have an add and drop system of courses, meaning that if you decide to drop out of a course it is very difficult to get into a new course (as the deadline for registration will have been passed already). In the event of quitting a course always withdraw officially through SSC online or My Portal and also inform the course coordinator. I

In the event of not being able to show up for an exam it is important to either withdraw from the exam online through SSC online or My Portal. If this is not possible (because it’s very last minute), you should always inform the course coordinator be sending an e-mail. Failing to do so will result in not being admitted for the following re-exam.