Research of the Cell Biology and Immunology Group

The Cell Biology and Immunology Group (CBI), headed by Huub Savelkoul, integrates high level education at all university levels (BSc, MSc, PhD, Post-doc) and internationally competitive research in basic and applied Immunology. This is integrated in a challenging, amicable and group-oriented environment in which personal development is paramount.

Research profile

The CBI group aims to unravel innate and antigen-specific immunity for efficient adaptive responses against exposure to environmental stimuli. Molecular and cellular regulation of these responses are studied in animals and human beings using a phylogenetic and comparative approach

Cell Biology and Immunology disciplines are integrated to generate new insights in the field of health and welfare, in an environment that provides a variety of stimuli, like exposure to infectious organisms, food and inhalant compounds or internal and external stress factors.

These disciplines can be modulated to provide the individual and the population with an improved resilience. Active modulation of the activity of the immune system can be achieved by improved life style, husbandry factors or vaccination.

Research lines