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Researchers of the Experimental Zoology Group publish on a regular basis in scientific journals, professional journals, scientific and popular books, and proceedings. 

For publication lists, we refer to the Research@WUR database. The provided lists can be searched by author, year, etc.

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Thesis overview
Antoine Cribellier 2021 Biomechanics of flying mosquitoes during capture and escape
Wouter van Veen 2020 Aerodynamics of Insect Flight
Elsa Quicazán Rubio 2019 Swimming performance and morphology of pregnant fish
Cees Voesenek 2019 How fish larvae swim: from motion to mechanics
Julian Langowski 2019 Getting a grip on tree frog attachment: Structures, mechanics and biomimetic potential
Uroš Cerkvenik 2019 Biomechanics of a parasitic wasp ovipositor
Wijbrand Ouweltjes 2018 Effects of mechanical loads on the deformation and health status of claws in dairy cows
Mike Fleuren 2017 Reproductive adaptations to reduce locomotor costs in viviparous fish (Poeciliidae)
Maurijn Kessels 2015 Carboxypeptidase Z an extracellular protein in zebrafish development
Ansa Fiaz 2013 Swim-training affects zebrafish development: from molecules to function
Patricia de Cocq 2012 The BioMechanical Interaction between Horse and Rider
Roger Bours 2010 Cortical mechanisms underlying low-level motion processing in the visual system of human and non-human primates
Mark van Turnhout 2010 Postnatal development of articular cartilage
David Lentink 2008 Exploring the Biofluiddynamics of Swimming and Flight
Dominick Mendola 2008 The Importance of Water Flow for Culture of Dysidea avara Sponges
Talitha van der Meulen 2005 Epigenetics of the Locomotory System in Zebrafish
Coen Elemans 2004 How do birds sing? Sound analysis - mechanical modellling - muscular control
Martin de Graaf 2004 Lake Tana's piscivorous Barbus (Cyprinidae, Ethopia)
Eshete Dejen 2003 Ecology and potential for fishery of the small barbs (cyprinidae, teleostei) of Lake Tana, Ethopia
Sander Kranenbarg 2002 Oxygen diffusion in fish embryos