Step 3: How to apply for an exchange period?


The deadline for the first selection round for exchange in 2021-2022 has already passed (deadline was February 1st, 23h59).

However, you can still apply for the exchange spots that remained open. These exhange spots left will be assigned on a 'first come first serve' basis. Please read the instructions below carefully before you fill in the application form.

Before filling in the application form:

  1. First, check the exchange spots left list to see which places are still available.

  2. Please note the nomination deadline at the university of your interest might already have past. Most probably, applying for exchange in a non-EU country for the first semester (Sep-Dec) of 2021-2022 will not be possible anymore. Check the nomination deadline at the website of the host university.

  3. Contact your departmental exchange coordinator to discuss your options for study exchange.

  4. After that, you can fill in the application form below (available from March 9th).

Filling in the application form:

  • You don't need to upload your CV and a motivation letter. Please do fill in your provisional choice of courses at the host university.
  • If a question is mandatory to fill in, and you do not know the right answer, you can write for instance “unknown”.

    After submitting the form:

    Your departmental exchange coordinator is your main contact. He or she will inform you about the procedure.

    If you applied for semester 2 (from January-February till June), your study progress has to be proved before nomination in autumn.

    Important note about the COVID-19 pandemic

    The COVID-19 pandemic is far from over which causes uncertainty whether exchange in the study year 2021-2022 can take place as usual.  The start date of the exchange programme, the destination with its national or institutional travel restrictions, the travel policy of the Dutch government and of Wageningen University & Research will affect whether or not the exchange for you will go ahead. For WUR it is important that the exchange destination is green or yellow at the start of the exchange programme. Still, more severe restrictions might be introduced any moment. Chances that student exchange can proceed as normal are more likely for the 2nd semester, especially the non-EU destinations might not yet be accessible in the 1st semester. To reduce risks of cancellation, if possible, take this into account when making your choice.

    Application form Exchange 2021-2022

    Personal details
    Details at WUR
    Preference at host institution

    Course code (if available) and full name of course, press Enter after each course


    Course code (if available) and full name of course, press Enter after each course


    Course code (if available) and full name of course, press Enter after each course

    Emergency contact
    Upload documents
    Results English Language test (optional, see OOPT)