Step 4: After you have been selected for study exchange


Your exchange coordinator will nominate you at the guest university. It should be noted that nomination does not mean admission.

Application at partner university

After the nomination you should apply for the exchange at the partner university. You will need to fill in application documents provided by the partner university, get the signatures of your exchange coordinator and send the forms to the partner university. It is your own responsibility that this is done in time. Please check the deadlines for application at the partner university. For questions about this procedure you can contact your exchange coordinator.

The partner university always has the final say in whether or not they admit the students that we nominate for student exchange. Therefore there is no guarantee that you will be admitted at a partner university of your choice.

Where are you going on study exchange?

Erasmus+ countries:

Austria Belgium Czech Republic Denmaerk Estonia
Finland France Germany Greece Hungary
Iceland Ireland Italy Latvia Lithuania
Norway Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia
Slovenia Spain Sweden Turkey United Kingdom

If you go on an exchange to an Erasmus+ country, apply for Erasmus+ Grant.

Non-Erasmus+ countries:

Australia Brazil Canada Chili
Colombia Israel Japan New Zealand
Singapore South Africa Switzerland United States of America

If you go on an exchange outside the Erasmus+ countries you can now apply for an Erasmus+ grant for non_EU partner universities!

Check the 'tips for students going abroad'-page to get tips on safety and health and financial matters.

You can find here some information about Upon return Non-Erasmus+ students