South Korea (2020)

In 2020, we are heading to South Korea!

The PhD trip organising committee consists of five PhD candidates of the Laboratory of Food Chemistry at Wageningen University. A short introduction from left to right: Judith Bijlsma, a second year PhD candidate that is working on complexation of phenolic compounds with iron; Katharina Duran, working in her first year on the fate of nutrients captured in dark films of mushroom composts; Sarah van Dinteren, a first year PhD candidate working on valorisation of licorice root by-product for safe and natural antimicrobials; Jianli Wang, a second year PhD candidate that maps lipid oxidation pathway in emulsions; Gijs Vreeke, a first year PhD candidate that wants to understand protein hydrolysis in vitro.

In order to organise a successful PhD trip, the committee is divided into different sub-committees. For example, think of i.a. chairwoman (Judith), a treasurer (Katharina), a sponsoring coordinator (Sarah), a marketing and promotions officer (Jianli) and a program coordinator (Gijs).

We are looking forward to organise an inspiring and educational PhD trip to South Korea next year!

Yours truly,

The PhD trip committee 2020

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