Education Kraijenhoff van de Leur Laboratory for Water and Sediment Dynamics

Wageningen University offers five intensive courses that make use of facilities provided by the Kraijenhoff van de Leur Laboratory.

  1. Introduction to Hydraulics: a basic course in hydraulics, preparing students with a limited background in mathematics for application oriented courses about flow in open channels and closed conduits (HWM-21806)
  2. Fluid Mechanics: a more theoretically oriented, rigorous course in fluid mechanics, introducing the topic both to potential hydrology and meteorology students (HWM-23806).
  3. River flow and morphology: elaborates on open channel flow in rivers and streams, and introduces turbulence, sediment transport and river morphology (HWM-30306)
  4. Erosion Processes and Modeling: a specialized course in water- and wind-induced soil erosion (LDD-31806).
  5. Subsurface Solute Transport: introduction to transport phenomena of subsurface solutes from the perspective of both an agricultural and a contamination context (SEG-21306).