Cluster Integrative Animal Biology

Cluster Integrative Animal Biology

Animals, including humans, are complex systems that continuously have to adapt to a changing environment. Understanding adaptation of these organisms requires a deep knowledge of their biology and functioning which also is relevant with regard to health, performance, sustainable food production and nature conservation.


We explore the functioning of animals, from a physiological, biophysical, biomolecular, behavioural, evolutionary and ecological perspective for fundamental understanding and to provide bio-inspired solutions for challenges from natural and managed changes in the environment.


  • Sustainable Aquaculture and Blue Growth: to unravel key factors determining aquaculture and seafood production, thereby contributing to sustainable and novel exploitation of aquatic (eco)systems
  • Resilient Animals in Sustainable Ecosystems: to understand biomechanical, behavioural, and life-history adaptations of animals at individual and population-level, thereby also contributing to animal welfare and nature conservation
  • Animal and Human Health and Performance: to generate fundamental insights into the mechanisms underlying health and performance of individuals, and the environmental factors affecting them, also providing innovative solutions for the improvement of health and performance