Objectives IPM - DPRK

The overall objective is to improve the capacity of the DPRK partners to produce disease-free seed potatoes of varieties suitable for organic farming in DPRK.

The specific objectives are:

  • Trained scientists, trainers, and farm managers in the areas of organic potato farming, conventional and modern potato breeding and disease-free multiplication of seed potatoes.

  • Dutch late blight resistant potato clones tested in the DPRK with the potential to become new varieties for organic potato production in DPRK.

  • Establishment of a long-term partnership between DPRK and the Netherlands by initiating a joint PhD program and other training programs on organic agriculture. Specifically a PhD project on comparing late blight resistance sources from both countries in order to design a breeding program for more durable resistant potato varieties by stacking of several resistance genes will be initiated with a candidate already selected by AAS. This will be the first official joint PhD project with a western foreign country for DPRK.

  • Scientific publications based on this program and earlier joint research which will position AAS and their scientists in the international scientific community.