Meetings and events IPM - DPRK


  • May 31 - June 4 2010: visit of Jongsma and Jacobsen to AAS, Pyongyang
  • June 2010: Visit of Chae Chun Sik and Ju Kwang Hyok - attended the International Potato Course and participated in a Potato Study Tour


  • May 2010-May 2011: PhD and research training of Jo Kwang Ryong and Paek Yong Gi
  • May 8-15: In country training in Pyongyang lowlands of DPRK - WUR delegation of Jongsma, Wiersema, Jacobsen, Neeteson
  • September 14-28: Visit of director Kang Sin Ho and research head Kim Tok Yong to Wageningen for a study tour of the Dutch potato sector and preparation of the purchase of laboratory inventory


  • November 2011-November 2012: PhD and research training of Jo Kwang Ryong and Kim Chol Jun focused on disease control in potato
  • December 2011-May 2012: research training of Ri Man Bok and Ri Kwang Il in Wageningen focused on pest control in potato
  • April 27: Shipment of laboratory tools for potato research to DPRK
  • July 9-13: In country training in Jangjin highlands of DPRK
  • July 16: EuropeAid Symposium of Integrated Potato Pest & Disease Management, Pyongyang (6 WUR participants: van der Vlugt, Vossen, Jacobsen, Wiersema, Jongsma, Neeteson)
  • October: visit of delegation of the Ministry of EL&I and Dutch industry to Pyongyang and kick off of the IPM-2 EuropeAid program (2012-2015)  focusing on insect and virus problems of potato