Activity 7 - Communication

Cooperation with North Korea is a politically highly sensitive domain and communication activities should be in close agreement with the expectations of the local authorities in DPRK in order not to loose their goodwill.

Apart from a website announcing the program and providing information on the various aspects like programming, identification, appraisal, financing, implementation and audit, potentially other tools of communication will be jointly considered with the partner AAS.

Visit to the potato research institute at Taehongdan in August 2009
Visit to the potato research institute at Taehongdan in August 2009

AAS in Pyongyang mainly working on lowland double cropping and the highland Potato Research Institute (part of AAS) in the very north of DPRK at Taehongdan working on single cropping will be directly involved for all aspects of organic potato breeding, rapid multiplication by mini- tubers and field multiplication via seed multiplication farms. Both institutes participate under the AAS flag. The AAS Institute of AgroBiology in Pyongyang will send the PhD students to Wageningen.

The Academy of Agricultural Sciences has 8 provincial branches. In every province there are provincial branches and specialized institutions responsible for potato research and scientific guidance of potato farming in local areas. Among them the following institutions belong directly to AAS as a stakeholder, and some of their staff may be involved in the in country trainings which will be organized in the second and third years:

  • AAS branch in Kangwon province is responsible for breeding and introduction of new potato varieties to the eastern plain area
  • Non-Paddy Field Crop Research Institute is responsible for implementing potato the new cultivars and multiplication methods in the western plain area
  • Jangangjin Potato Research Institute as key institute located in the highlands of South Hamgyong province is responsible for implementing potato seed production and multiplication in that province
  • Plant cultivation Research Institute is responsible for implementing improved cultivation methods of potato