Education and courses of the Soil Geography and Landscape Group

SGL is a major contributor to the BSc program in Soil, Water & Atmosphere and the MSc program Earth & Environment (track 4. Soil Geography and Earth Surface Dynamics). In addition, we provide courses to other BSc and MSc programs within Wageningen University & Research (BBN, BLP, MLP, BIL, MIL). Our group also offers the opportunity to perform a thesis and/or internship.

SGL courses are taught in the following programs:

SGL Course overview

All our courses and course infromation (course guides) can be found at the Student Service Centre website here. Some of our special SGL courses have a own homepage for further informatio and FAQs (see navigation on the right).
Further student information you may find on the Pyrus site (Pyrus is the study association of the BSc Soil, Water & Atmosphere and the Master Earth & Environment).

SGL Thesis and Internship

For MEE-D MSc theses and internships contact Jakob Wallinga Or look here for: