Research Soil Geography and Landscape group

The research and projects of SGL form part of the PE&RC research school and are focused on a number of issues that have a well defined place within a 'research chain', reaching from problem identification - in close interaction with stakeholders and specialists from other disciplines - to generation of answers. From Fieldwork, to Scenarios and Modelling

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The following elements may be distinguished in the chain:

  1. developing quantitative methods for obtaining soil patterns at different scales, using expert knowledge, remote sensing, GIS, and geostatistics
  2. interpretation in space and time of soil patterns and corresponding soil properties at different scales
  3. interpretations in the context of land evaluation, focusing on soil and water quality and the sustainability of land utilization types

The projects are grouped in the following research themes of the Research School 'Production Ecology & Resource Conservation (PE&RC)':

1. Crop growth and vegetation development

2. Genetic Resources and Diversity

3. Sustainable production and conservation systems

4. Methodological links

The mission of research within this chair is to contribute to the development of alternative land use types which preserve soil quality and are sustainable. Basic research in this context is focused on the question as to which soil data are needed in the interdisciplinary analysis of sustainability, and how existing soil data can be used to derive unavailable but required data by so-called 'pedo-transfer functions'.