Genebank for plant resources

Genebank for plant resources

The genebank for plant genetic resources consists of over 23,000 varieties and wild populations (accessions) of some 30 different crops. The collections include commercial varieties, landraces, farmer varieties and wild varieties of crops from over 100 countries. With over 2,500 different accessions, we have the world’s largest lettuce collection. CGN manages the genebank on behalf of the Dutch government.

Effects coronavirus measures

Because of reduced access to the office for our personnel, the processing of your seed request may be delayed.


Accessions are carefully selected and described, optimally conserved and evaluated for their usable properties in close cooperation with breeders and partner genebanks. We increase diversity constantly via collection missions abroad and by adding new varieties.


Information on material properties is stored in databases which can be visited by breeders and scientists. Here they can also order seed samples online, which are only provided after they submit their electronic signature to a standard contract (SMTA). The collections are freely available for research and breeding in the Netherlands and abroad.

Special collections

CGN also has special collections that are exclusively available under specific conditions, such as the 'Single Seed Descent' collections. Conditions may vary per collection.

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