Frequently asked questions

Please have a look at the frequently asked questions below.

If you cannot find an answer to your question in the FAQ section, you are invited to send an e-mail with your question to EMABG.

I want to apply for the EM-ABG programme. What should I do?

Please complete the application form and submit it. Then send it, together with the required documents, in hard copy to the EM-ABG secretariat before the deadline specific to your application.

What are the most important deadlines for the EM-ABG programme?

January 1st: Application deadline for all students applying for admission to EMABG

Which English language tests are accepted for admission to the EMABG programme?

Have a look at the requirements for English Language Proficiency.

I have sent my application to the EM-ABG secretary. Will I receive confirmation when it is received?

After we received the hard copies of your application form together with the required documents by regular mail and checked them, a confirmation will be sent to you by e-mail.

I have filled in and mailed my application. Unfortunately, I could not submit all the required documents. How will this affect my application?

Your application will be registered, but your application will not be submitted to the Academic Committee on Admissions before it is complete. Please send the missing documents as soon as possible. Only fully documented applications can be submitted to Academic Committee on Admissions. It is therefore recommended to only send COMPLETE applications.

What is the TOEFL number of Wageningen University?

The TOEFL number of Wageningen University is: 0542. Please also send a digital copy of your score form to the EMABG secretariat (EMABG).

Can I get more information on the EM-ABG admission procedure?

Please find more information on the procedure on the Application and admission page.

When and how do I know if I am admitted to the programme?

After you sent in your application, we try to inform you within 6 weeks about your admissibility to the EMABG programme. Scholarship selection takes place in February and students will be notified in March. If you have questions about the procedure, feel free to contact EMABG.