Meten van kwaliteit na de oogst

Postharvest quality measurement

From tomatoes and bananas to broccoli: maintaining quality after harvesting, and finding the right market is always a challenge. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research offers insight and technology to measure, monitor and predict quality quickly, objectively and accurately. This makes it possible to make well-considered decisions about the market, shelf life and transport conditions.

Fast and objective quality control

How can fresh food be preserved for longer? Can quality be better measured with, for example, cameras? Fast, objective and accurate quality control is a priority for fresh food suppliers and transport, storage and technology companies. Wageningen experts investigate what you need to measure in order to gain insight into the ripeness, shelf life and nutritional value of, for example, fruit and vegetables, and which sensors you can best use for this purpose. This gives you control over quality, leads to cost savings and creates room for sustainable chain solutions. Think, for example, of a sensor that can replace a consumer panel, or faster detection of fungal growth when the use of crop protection agents is reduced.

Predicting quality and shelf life

For more than eighty years, Wageningen experts have been studying the science of measuring quality and extending shelf life of fresh produce. Expertise ranges from post-harvest technology and robotics & computer vision techniques to storage, agrologistics and packaging. The research takes place in the world's most versatile and comprehensive research facility for post-harvest technology and agrofood robotics. Almost every research question about measuring and predicting quality can be addressed at both large and small scales: a climate cell that can accept a full-size truck or a mini-climate cell for individual products.

Quality control

A new method for measuring quality based on colour. This is the result of the GreenCHAINge project in which experts from Wageningen, together with many partners, developed a device that uses cameras to finely register the colours of fresh produce. This data forms an excellent basis for quality analysis and forecasting. In the Fresh on Demand project, Wageningen Food & Biobased Research is working with companies on non-invasive methods for measuring, for example, taste.

No-obligation conversation

Working on high-quality fresh products that precisely meet consumer demand? Approach Wageningen experts for a no-obligation introduction and discover how research helps to measure, monitor and predict quality faster and more objectively.