Flagship project: Connected circularity - changing together

This project develops concrete pathways for change toward a bio-based circular economy by: (1) ex-post learning from successful small wins and their accumulation (for example Vegetarische slager, Kipster, green deal Herenboeren; (2) ex-post learning form failed or stagnating initiatives (for example ‘nieuw gemengd bedrijf’ ); (3) experimentation in a selection of existing projects identified as small wins (for example Geofoods, Pixel farming); (4) ex-ante studies based on, for example scenario-development or back-casting. The focus is on the Dutch context. The pathways consist of (1) collaboratively formulated ambitions, (2) a series of governance interventions, stakeholder activities and business investment propositions. Moreover, the results of the flagship will be translated into research collaborations (grant applications) and a research agenda for the Wageningen community. The project follows an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary knowledge co-creation approach.


  • Prof. Dr Ir. Katrien Termeer, Public Administration and Policy, WUR
  • Dr. Tamara Metze, Public Administration and Policy, WUR
  • Olga Schagen MSc, Public Administration and Policy, WUR
  • Prof. Dr Ir. Imke de Boer, Animal Production Systems, WUR
  • Dr Evelien de Olde, Animal Production Systems, WUR
  • Dr Anne-Charlotte Hoes and Ir. Marieke Meeusen, Wageningen Economic Research (WECR)
  • Prof. Dr Jaap van der Meer, Wageningen Marine Research
  • Dr Daniel Puente Rodríguez and Dr Bram Bos, Wageningen Livestock Research
  • Ir. Eric Poot, Wageningen Plant Research (WPSR)
  • Dr Carla Grashof-Bokdam, Wageningen Environmental Research (WENR)
  • Ir. Christiaan Bolck, Food Biobased Research (WFBR)