Topics & Results

On this page, the main outcomes of sessions organised by the Education Experience Team are described. The outcomes on this page are some of the results of the sessions, so not all results are published here.

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Outcomes about personal developing at WUR

Training & Workshops

These sessions were about finding help when you want to develop, for instance, skills in your career. Results showed which parts of the information sources of the university were outdated and which were efficient. Also, it was shown that interacting and well organised methods and organisations within the university improved your to be better able to orient yourself on your future career path.

Searching & Finding a Job

The way how study programmes play a role in helping students to find a suitable job and how they are better orientated on the job market, has been investigated within this topic for different studies. You can e-mail us to receive detailed information, as the results are study-specific.

Study Advice (students)

The results of these Design Thinking sessions were about the role of the study advice that is given to students. One of the results showed that some of the students do not understand the concept of a study advisor, therefore it needs some improvements to inform students about it. The majority of students namely had positive experiences with the study advisor consult, helping them to plan the rest of their academic career in a better way!   

What did we do regarding improving courses, thesis and internships?

Use of Macbooks at WUR

Some students choose to use this device to study, mainly because of the ease of use. But is it most compatible to study with these devices at WUR, as other programmes also need to be installed on it? One of the advices is to help students with this at the WUR’s laptop shop and maybe provide a special appstore for WUR students with a Macbook.

Results on courses, thesis and internships

Follow a course

Every period students follow courses and one course may be more interesting than another. Students indicated that clarity about the learning goals is a major need in the selfstudy week. Nevertheless, it should not be forgotten that the course guide provides a lot of information on learning goals and that it is often already available before the course starts.

Writing your thesis

Another important aspect of the university is the writing of the thesis. For a lot of students, this is the last thing they have to finish before they graduate, which can be quite stressful already. Our results showed that clarity about the procedure, together with clarity about expectations from the supervisor already helps a lot in the prevention of stress. It was also shown that student writing their thesis at WUR really feel that they are contributing to research that matters!

Doing your internship

Internships are an important and often a big part of your study programme. After a quite hard orientation phase on what students want to do, WUR most often has enough internships available that suit students.

Printing, Scanning and Copying

One of the main focal points of WUR is sustainability. Outcomes of this sessions showed that WUR students also value sustainability, as they would be willing to pay more money for sustainable printing methods or options to reuse printed paper. Below you can read their experiences (in Dutch).

Compose a study programme

Making sure your study programme is composed in a way that you can study what you like within the boundaries of a programme is very important. Students indicated that orientation on courses can be done easily, but the use of several systems to compose the study programme in can be confusing. Therefore clear expectations need to be communicated to students.
Onze ervaring is erg positief. Het ophalen van informatie bij studenten is altijd lastig maar middels de Design thinking is dat goed gelukt. Zo hadden we de aanname dat de studenten het printen niet belangrijk meer vinden, maar niets bleek minder waar. Het printen draagt bij aan een positief studieresultaat. Wat we daarnaast hebben opgehaald is dat de studenten zeer beperkt de uitgebreide mogelijkheden van de printers kennen en dus kunnen toepassen. Het is dus essentieel om de studenten verder te ondersteunen in hun behoefte, door bijvoorbeeld pasklare en gemakkelijke workflows (bijvoorbeeld het printen van 4 pagina’s op 1 pagina) te faciliteren. Of door nog uitgebreider informatie te plaatsen op StudentPortal of een ander platform zodat de studenten de printers goed kunnen gebruiken. De studenten hebben ons geïnspireerd met nieuwe ideeën om de dienst te verbeteren. Daarnaast zijn er een aantal zaken bevestigd, wat fijn is omdat we dan weten dat we op de goede weg bezig zijn. We hadden al een goede indruk van het Education Experience team, opnieuw zijn mijn verwachtingen met betrekking tot professionele aanpak en de inzet van studenten weer naar boven bijgesteld. Ik ben zeer onder de indruk van de professionele aanpak van het Education Experience team en de resultaten die we hebben gekregen zijn zeer waardevol. De voorgestelde oplossingen zijn niet allemaal 1:1 te implementeren maar de oplossingsrichting die studenten aangeven zijn zeer bruikbaar.
Gert Zwaan, Information Technology department

Outcomes of session regarding student technology and systems at WUR

BYOD, Myportal, SSC online and Brightspace

Bring your own device (BYOD)

Bring your own device (BYOD) now known as Study Anytime Anyplace (SAA): one of the systems that the university will introduce in the coming year is the SAA system to study. Some students indicated that when this system is used, they would like to see a reservation system to reserve certain rooms/spots to do their educational work.

Student Portal (new Myportal)

Several sessions with different kinds of methods have been organised to indicate how the Student Portal should change in comparison to the Portal that is currently online. Students valued the use of a personal schedule as most important change!

New student information system (SSC online)

One of the options to be able to do within the information system is 'register new grades'. One of the indicated student needs is that these grades need to be registered into the system in a universal way, as students can also receive an e-mail with their grade. The new information system will be designed to be of optimal use for students!

Brightspace (for students)

Here, the use of Brightspace was evaluated by students. One of the results was about communication. Most of the problem statements were about the announcements and notification section of the tool, which was later explained in more detail on how to improve it.

Design Thinking is a brilliant way to evaluate. What makes it so powerful to me, is that participants come up with their own solutions. They are owner of the problem and are encouraged to think out of the box and approach the matter without any limitations. This results in creative solutions, which we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. This is very valuable. Teachers are providing solutions themselves, rather than we thinking of solutions for them.
Anniek Wintraeken, Instructional Designer implementation of Brightspace

Brightspace (Teachers)

Brightspace is also a tool that is used by teachers. Nevertheless, Brightspace has a very user-friendly interface, a uniform way in how the course is organised needs to be presented on the side of teachers. This also makes it easier for students to find information.

Design Thinking is a brilliant way to evaluate. What makes it so powerful to me, is that participants come up with their own solutions. They are owner of the problem and are encouraged to think out of the box and approach the matter without any limitations. This results in creative solutions, which we wouldn’t have thought of ourselves. This is very valuable. Teachers are providing solutions themselves, rather than we thinking of solutions for them.
Anniek Wintraeken, Instructional Designer implementation of Brightspace


The use of Weblectures was evaluated during these sessions. This tool provides students to be able to watch lectures from home, for instance, when they are not able to attend a lecture. From these sessions, the needs and solutions of certain problems within the tool are obtained. There are no concrete results of this session yet, so they will come soon…

Education Experience cares about the social aspects of student life

Receiving help when facing problems, social life on campus and when going to activities

Receiving help when facing problems

Besides study related subjects, being a student can also be stressful. Several news articles indicated that the student loan system can put enormous pressure on students. The university can play a role in this, for example to stimulate students to study together. Also, the Surf Your Stress Week is an important week to make students conscience about how to handle these situations and to let them relax.

Social life: A day at WUR Campus

During a regular day of study, group work, lectures and practicals at the university, some struggles can occur while transporting yourself from building to building. Because of the growing number of students at our campus, parking your bike is indicated by students as an issue. Luckily, a new building for education is currently build!

Social life: Campus activity

Of course, several activities are normally organised on campus. One of the results of these sessions indicated that students have a need to find all of the activities on one ‘development platform’ and to introduce more theme weeks, for instance.

Experiences of your exchange can be shared with us

Going abroad

Of course going abroad for your study is a nice and very meaningful experience. Nevertheless, a lot has to be arranged for it. Our results from this journey found that for WUR student that study abroad  are mostly in need of clarity of information and overall guidance and skill development during their time at the university. Fun fact: 92% of the indicated needs related to this topic!

Outcomes regarding the WUR library, teaching a course as a teacher and facilitating our sessions

Online library

The role of the library within the university is also very important. From this sessions, students indicated that the library could partner with other departments of the university, for instance with the Wageningen Writing Lab.

The main eye-opener was that the addressed issues were not so much focused on the content of the library’s lectures or teaching material, but on the communication of the possibilities and of general information. Now that we are aware, we can take action to improve this. For instance by connecting to the thesis rings more actively, or to provide refresher courses at the start of a BSc thesis or master programme. In the meantime, we try to make the learning as fitting as possible with the learning need.
Leonie Kamminga, Scientific Information Specialist at WUR Library

Teaching a course (teachers)

Besides doing research, a lot of teachers are also teachers at the university. The sessions held for this topic showed that teachers at WUR really enjoy to run a course, but together with other activities they have to perform, the time to grade can sometimes be a bit short. At WUR, students get their grades within 10 working days!