Smart decisions with Food Informatics

Smart decisions with Food Informatics

Support systems with predictive value that help make complex decisions are the focal point of Food Informatics. Wageningen Food & Biobased Research unlocks and organises the data and develops models required to make the right considerations, with software applications communicating the results and arguments in a clear way.

With the rise of big data and new ICT solutions, more and more agrifood businesses are digitising processes. This results in more data on the one hand, but also demands greater knowledge and smarter methods for processing this data on the other. Combining the right data with the right knowledge helps make well-founded complex decisions. The experts from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research support companies in finding and unlocking the relevant data and knowledge by:

  • Modelling the knowledge and expertise of practical experts and literature studies, for instance, or distilling knowledge from data;
  • Assessing the form and quality of the available data: can it be used or should it first be translated into usable information? How can we combine data from various sources?

Artificial intelligence (AI)

The Wageningen experts use artificial intelligence methods to obtain usable information, ranging from deep learning and text mining to knowledge elicitation. This enables companies to analyse data and make new algorithms for smart software. We distinguish ourselves by deploying explicit knowledge in the agrifood domain and implicit knowledge hidden in data, while the final decision-maker always remains our focal point.

Semantic web solutions

Semantic web solutions allow agrifood companies to organise and integrate data and maximise its value. Adding meaning, context and origin to data in a way that it can be read by software makes this value even clearer. It is also possible to combine datasets from various sources.

Well-founded decisions

All these insights are the starting point for the development of smart, reliable apps, web applications and integrated software systems. Available information is unlocked in a clear and practical way; and not just for companies, but for their clients, end users and consumers. The predictive value of the advice from Wageningen Food & Biobased Research provides insight into the consequences of alternative choices and allows users to make well-founded decisions.

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