Measurements on plants


The Laboratory of Genetics offers several courses embedded in BSc and MSc study programs at Wageningen University. Below is an overview of our courses.

In the Study Handbook you can find more detailed information on the courses provided by the Laboratory of Genetics.

GEN-11306 Evolution and Systematics
GEN-11806 Fundamentals of Genetics and Molecular Biology
GEN-20306 Molecular and Evolutionary Ecology
GEN-20806 Plant Biotechnology
GEN-21306 Personal Genetics
GEN-21803 Principles of Human Genetics
GEN-30306 Genetic Analysis Trends and Concepts
GEN-30806 Population and Quantitative Genetics
GEN-31302 Population Genetics (online)

For more information, contact the coordinator of the course directly (see Study Handbook) or Marjan Kampinga.