Courses of the Laboratory of Molecular Biology

The Laboratory of Molecular Biology is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Below you can find an overview of the courses in which the laboratory of Molecular Biology is involved.

Thesis projects for BSc and MSc students

The Molecular Biology departments offers a broad range of graduation projects for BSc and MSc students which are embedded in ongoing state-of-the-art research lines. To find a suitable thesis subject please go to our Thesis opportunities page or tips database. If you see a topic that draws your interest, you can contact the group leader of the project directly to discuss options.

For more information about thesis possibilities or general questions, you can also contact one of our thesis and internship coordinators or send an email to Please indicate in your message whether you are looking for a MSc or BSc thesis, your study program, period that you would like to start, and the desired amount of credits.

Thesis and internship Coordinator
MSc Thesis Molecular Biology (MOB80424, MOB80436) Wilma van Esse
MSc Research Practice Molecular Biology (MOB79324) Wilma van Esse
MSc Internship Molecular Biology (MOB70424) Joan Wellink, Michael Nodine
Capita Selecta Molecular Biology (MOB50302-6) Rene Geurts

BSc Courses Molecular Biology

MSc Courses Molecular Biology