Go / No Go

A go decision is a requirement for formal admittance to the PhD program at Wageningen University & Research.

A requirement for formal admittance to the PhD program at WUR is a go decision. This must happen for each PhD candidate within 8-14 months after the start of the project. The decision for a go or a no go is based on an evaluation of the candidate’s performance by the supervisors. After a go decision the university admits the candidate to the WU PhD programme. With a go decision, the supervisors express the expectation that the PhD candidate will be able to obtain his/her PhD degree. It is a vote of confidence, and shows the commitment of the supervisors to guide the PhD candidate towards the PhD defence.

Employed PhD candidates need admission in order to receive a contract extension for the rest of the PhD project. A go / no go decision is taken by the supervisors; the candidate does not have the option to discuss but may formulate a response in the go / no go form.

Do you know what you should do to receive a go from your supervisor? We strongly advise you and your supervisor to fill in the go / no go form already 6 months after the start of your PhD and to discuss the performance indicators that should be improved or elaborated further. This way, you still have time to improve your weak points and you won’t be faced with surprises when the formal go / no go decision is made. Please be aware that this evaluation is NOT the same as the yearly Performance and Development Evaluation (PDE).

If you want help with how you can discuss your ideas with your supervisor in an open way, WIMEK can support you.