MSc course registration as PhD

The procedure to register for a BSc or MSc course as PhD candidate.

If you want to register to a BSc or MSc course as PhD candidate, you can send a request per e-mail to We will send you a WUR Student Registration form, which you can fill in. After that, print the document and sign at the bottom. You can send a scan of the document to Within a couple of days you will receive your proof of enrolment by post in the form of a plasticized cardboard card at the address you filled in on the form.

Once your proof of enrolment is processed by SSC you can obtain access to the Learning Management System Brightspace. For entering Brightspace and more information look at: and

If you did not receive your proof of enrolment within 6 working days, please contact

For questions about the Learning Management System Brightspace or MyPortal contact or