Courses and thesis projects of the Laboratory of Plant Physiology

The Laboratory of Plant Physiology teaches plant physiology to 1st and 2nd year BSc Biology, Plant Sciences and Forest & Nature Conservation students. Further, we contribute to a whole series of more specialized courses for 3rd year BSc, MSc and PhD students from several Study Programmes. In addition the lab provides diverse opportunities for BSc and MSc thesis projects.

Course Overview

BSc and MSc thesis subjects

The Laboratory of Plant Physiology offers BSc thesis and MSc thesis subjects in the following research sub themes:

Secondary metabolites:

  • Metabolic engineering of yeast for the production of plant-derived secondary metabolites
  • The role of secondary metabolites in the interaction of plants and insects
  • Metabolic engineering of pharmaceutical compounds in plants
  • Subcellular transport of metabolites
  • Investigating the role of stromules in scent (monoterpene) emission in plants

Plant performance:

  • Genetical genomics of plant stresses
  • Source-sink relation in plants
  • Physiological control of plant growth

Seed biology:

  • Molecular analysis of Castor bean germination and seedling establishment
  • The mechanism and regulation of seed dormancy and germination
  • The molecular dissection of seed quality
  • The mechanism and control of desiccation tolerance in seeds
  • The biophysical basis of seed longevity
  • Functional characterization of ribosomal protein  in seed dormancy control

Protein secretion: