Free online courses for students and staff: edX remote Access Program

Free online courses for students and staff: edX Remote Access Program

Many edX partners joined forces and allow each other’s student and staff to take their courses completely free of charge during the Corona outbreak. Wageningen embraced this initiative, and therefore everybody with a WUR account can get full access to one of the many online courses from institutions like TuDelft, Harvard, MIT, RWTH Aachen University, Tecnológico de Monterrey, and many more.

How it works

All courses in the edX Remote Access Program are open to everybody with a WUR account, both students and staff. EdX courses always have a part of the course that is available for free, so you can already start learning or have a good look at it before you decide to upgrade and get full access to the course. You do not have to pay for the upgrade, just send an email to receive a coupon code. 

  • Check the list of all participating institutions. If you click on a name, you see all courses by that institution. Browse through the catalogue and find the ones you like.
    • Update 20 May: 100+ additional courses from other institutions are added to this initiative.
  • Enrol in the course (if you don’t have an edX account yet, you have to create one).
  • You are asked if you want to enrol in the audit or the verified track. Select ‘audit track’ for now.
  • Many courses are offered as ‘self-paced’, meaning you can start immediately (or wait until a moment that suits you, it’s up to you!). However, since you enrolled in the audit track, you will notice that some content is not yet available to you. If you want full access and receive an edX Verified Certificate after successful completion you send an email to with the URL(link) of your course and ask for a free full access coupon.
  • Someone from the Open & Online team will send you a coupon code the next working day.
  • In your course, you find many buttons and links with ‘upgrade now’. Click on one of these and use your coupon code in the payment module. You do NOT have to fill out any credit card details.

You may also check the edX instructions on how to use a coupon code. If you run into any problems, please reach out to us through

For staff

This initiative is open to anyone with a WUR account, including staff. While many of us are working from home, this might be a good time to take a look at the enormous offer and find a topic you always wanted to learn more about.

edX traditionally has many academic courses, but there are also courses like Learn to program in Java, Visualising data with Excel, Designing and Creating Skirts, Ancient Masterpieces of World Literature, Strategic Management and much more!

It doesn’t matter if you want to develop your personal or professional skills or gain knowledge on a specific theme or discipline; there is always a course that fits your interest. Just remember to enrol and use your code before 30 June 2020. Once you activated your code, you will have full access to the course.  You don’t have to finish the course by that date, just enrol and use the coupon code for full access. Within your course environment, you find deadlines for each specific course.

For students

Sometimes you take a course just for fun, or because you want to improve a specific skill. You can use this initiative for that; please do! But for some of the courses in the edX Remote Access Program it is possible to receive ECTs and add them to your study program. How this works is explained below.

Courses eligible for ECTs are:

  • offered by a university (so courses from Microsoft, IBM, Logyca, and other non-university edX members cannot be used to apply for ECTs.)
  • NOT a language course
  • of sufficient academic level. This is determined by a WUR staff member, so the topic of your course has to be related to the WUR domain
  • the course cannot be archived (in archived courses, you cannot earn a verified certificate which is needed in case you want to apply for ECTs approval).

There are two options to receive ECTs for your online course:

  • Apply for approval as a Capita Selecta
  • If you already included a Capita Selecta in your personal study programme, you may apply for approval as an external course

Good to know

The coupon codes expire on 30 June 2020. You need to use the code before that date, but you don’t have to start or finish your course before that date. Always check the deadlines for your course carefully on the edX website.

We issue the coupon codes based on a fair use policy. Should you require more than 2 codes, please motivate your request.

edX has many courses and options. If you’re new to edX, you may want to read our edX essential concepts.

Almost all courses from partners in the Remote Access Program are included in this initiative, but some exceptions apply. You cannot use the coupon for a full Master’s degree on edX neither for professional education courses. However, the courses in a MicroMasters ARE included and so are courses that are part of a Professional Certificate Program. Read our edX essential concepts to understand the difference and how you can recognise the exceptions in the edX catalogue.