Free online courses for students and staff: edX remote Access Program

Free online courses for students and staff: edX Remote Access Program

From April 2020 to June 2020, Wageningen University & Research participated in the edX Remote Access Programme. This allowed students and staff to join MOOCs in the verified track for free. The Remote Access Programme ended, meaning you can no longer request full access coupons. However, it is still possible for students to receive ECTs for MOOCs.

Students: MOOCs for ECTS

Sometimes you take a course just for fun, or because you want to improve a specific skill. You can use this initiative for that; please do! But for some of the courses in the edX Remote Access Program it is possible to receive ECTs and add them to your study program. How this works is explained below.

Courses eligible for ECTs are:

  • offered by a university (so courses from Microsoft, IBM, Logyca, and other non-university edX members cannot be used to apply for ECTs.)
  • NOT a language course
  • of sufficient academic level. This is determined by a WUR staff member, so the topic of your course has to be related to the WUR domain
  • the course cannot be archived (in archived courses, you cannot earn a verified certificate which is needed in case you want to apply for ECTs approval).

There are two options to receive ECTs for your online course:

  • Apply for approval as a Capita Selecta
  • If you already included a Capita Selecta in your personal study programme, you may apply for approval as an external course

Good to know

The coupon codes expire on 30 June 2020. Codes had to be activated before that date, but you don’t have to start or finish your course before that date. Always check the deadlines for your course carefully on the edX website.

If you still want to join a MOOC and receive ECTS for it, have a look at the Virtual Exchange Programme.