Courses of the Business Economics Group

The Business Economics group is involved in teaching several courses as shown below. Additionally you can do an internship or thesis at our department.

Visit the Study Handbook website for detailed information.

Course overview:

  • BEC10306 Introduction to Business Economics
  • BEC20806 Financial Management in Agriculture
  • BEC21306 Food Safety Economics
  • BEC21806 Introduction to Business Economics, Management and Marketing
  • BEC22306 Corporate Financial Management
  • BEC22806 Accounting
  • BEC30306 Advanced Business Economics
  • BEC31806 Risk Management in Food Supply Chains
  • BEC51806 Agricultural Business Economics
  • BEC52306 Financial and Business Management
  • BEC52806 Economics of Animal Health and Food Safety
  • BEC55306 Big Data for Business Decisions
  • BEC53806 Sustainable Seaweed Chains
  • BEC54806 Theories for Business Decisions
  • BEC54303 Wageningen School of Social Sciences Graduate Programme Orientation

Business Economics also contributes to the following courses:

  • AFI33306 Sustainability in Fish and Seafood Production
  • FTE34306 Quantitative Analysis of Innovative Biosystems
  • BMO24806 Supply Chain Management
  • NEM20806 Basics of Infectious Diseases
  • ORL30306 Decision Science 2
  • ORL32806 Sustainability Analysis
  • QVE20306 Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics
  • YEI60312 Research Master Cluster: Proposal Writing
  • YSS10906 Analysis of a Problem Situation
  • YSS22306 Introduction to Management and Life Sciences
  • YSS32306 Technology and Business Model Innovation
  • YSS32806 Advanced Supply Chain Management
  • YSS34306 Advanced Econometrics