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Information Technology

Our mission is to advance the state-of-the-art of smart systems and system of systems engineering to support innovations in the life sciences application domains. Hereby, we focus on software engineering, data science, and socio-technical systems engineering.


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Postdoctoral Researcher

As a researcher with a PhD, do you want to apply your passion for agricultural robotics as a Postdoctoral Researcher to contribute to a more sustainable world? Do you want to join an ambitious and young team that will build an adaptable aerial-ground robotic system for farm management?

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We offer a variety of courses at BSc and MSc level that are taken by students from all study programmes of Wageningen University & Research. The courses are aligned to our overall objective for realizing smart system engineering. In parallel with our courses we offer interesting MSc and BSc thesis assignments. Further, we have an active PhD programme in which research is carried out in close collaboration with the life sciences application domains.

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The INF group aims to take the important role of supporting the research necessary for engineering of smart software-intensive systems for the life sciences application domains. To this end, we adopt a system engineering approach that is necessary for the analysis, design, testing, and management of complex smart systems. This implies a holistic multidisciplinary approach that aims to integrate data, software, hardware, people and processes within the organizational, institutional and societal context

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