The research of the Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Group (ENR) addresses three core research domains within environmental and resource economics: natural resources, pollution, and climate change. Throughout these domains we pay particular attention to three cross-cutting themes: behaviour & ethics, institutions & policy, and risk & uncertainty.

Our research programme seeks to integrate knowledge and insights from natural sciences and technology with economic expertise. Our research work focuses on application of modelling approaches such as computable general equilibrium models (CGE), bioeconomic and spatial models, game theoretic and Baysian decision models. Theoretical and methodological research is carried out in the domain of environmental valuation, cost-effectiveness and efficiency of policy options, and institutional design.

Our research is conducted within the Wageningen Institute of Environmental and Climate Research (WIMEK) and Wageningen School of Social Sciences (WASS).

Research domains

For on overview of publications, see the publications page. For more information please contact Hans-Peter Weikard.