Personal development

While studying you have time to broaden your horizon and discover your personal strengths, interests and values. Therefore, we offer a broad range of trainings and workshops to help students develop themselves outside of academia and discover and enhance their talents.

Do you want to learn how to cope with stress about corona, get tips on how to relax, or learn how to become more organised?
Gezondeboel is an online platform where you can start improving your mental wellbeing in a free, easy and anonymous way.

Wageningen Study and Student Associations


Wageningen has a vibrant student life with lots of student and study associations that organise many interesting and fun activities for (international) students!

Training facilitated by STS


Vision Board

Do you lack focus or want to clear your mind? In these turbulent times where so much is changing and happening around us, it is important to stay on track.

We organise Vision Board workshops, currently online sessions. In this workshop you will define the things that matter to you, such as short term and long term goals, and make them concrete on your personal vision board. Your vision board will help you ‘program’ your mind with those goals, which makes you more focused on them in your day to day life and makes it more likely to actually achieve them.


From Vision to Practice

You got some great goals set, but now what? How to put your vision and goals into practice? Implementing routines and habits can be difficult and needs constant attention.

The training “From Vision to Practice” is designed to guide you through the process of realising your goals. The sessions will focus on routines and habits, and how you can use these to reach your goals. You will be guided to identify routines that fit you best, get insight in the functioning of the brain and receive support during reflection processes.   

The trainers are an Msc student and a recently graduted student who are very aware of these struggles as a student.

The training is scheduled on 31 May,
7 June & 21 June, from 17:30h-19:30h.
This training will be given in English.
Due to the current Corona measures is will be an online training. 

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Self Awareness

Are you curious about the influence of your personality traits on your day to day life? Or preparing for a job interview and looking for guidance in how to brand yourself?

In this series of three workshops, you will take a close look at your personality, strengths and weaknesses. With this awareness, after the first session, you will take matters into your own hand and start building your personal branding and goal setting. Throughout the workshops, you will be guided and supported in this journey and reflection. 

This training will be given in English. If Corona measures allow this training will be given live to a maximum of 15 participants. The training is scheduled on Tuesdays 25 May, 1 and 15 June from 17:30-18:30h

In cooperation with AIESEC we also facilitate the training Self Management. Key words: time management, planning, personal goal setting, energy management, reflection, learning styles.

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The entire series is provided to you by AIESEC in Wageningen, which strives to develop youth worldwide, to live up to their potential.